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Theodore Washington Brevard
Confederate General


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2nd Florida Infantry Battalion Major, Lieutenant Colonel

Brigadier-General Theodore W. Brevard, then in the rank of major, was commanding a battalion in the department of Florida in 1862-63. This was at first a cavalry command, designated as Brevard's Partisan Rangers, and consisting of four companies. In the first months of 1861 Florida and South Carolina were considered the seat of war, and military commands were hurried in considerable numbers to Pensacola and Charleston. The latter city was the object of attack from 1862 to the close of the conflict. In Florida there was no important battle until Seymour's invasion in February, 1864. In a skirmish that occurred in the suburbs of Jacksonville on March 11, 1863, Major Brevard was commended for gallant conduct by General Finegan, who, in a report of a skirmish near Lake City on March 31st, says: "My orders were executed by Major Brevard with promptness, gallantry and discretion." In December, 1863, Brevard's battalion (the First Florida) had been increased to five companies, and Major Brevard had been promoted to lieutenant-colonel. This battalion was in the brigade of Gen. Joseph Finegan and participated in the battle of Olustee, February 20, 1864, the most important battle fought in Florida during the war. It was for the time decisive of the fate of that State, completely thwarting the Federal scheme for its conquest and reconstruction. When the Virginia campaign of 1864 opened, Finegan's brigade was sent to Richmond and participated in the battle of Cold Harbor, where it distinguished itself by recapturing, in a hand-to-hand conflict, the only part of the line where the Federals in their desperate charge made even the faintest show of success on that day, the most disastrous to Grant of his whole military career. In this battle Brevard led his battalion. In August, 1864, he was promoted to colonel of the Eleventh Florida, and in December he had command of that regiment and of Bonaud's battalion. On March 22, 1865, he was commissioned brigadier-general, a promotion richly deserved. Soon after this came the close of the war. Upon the restoration of peace General Brevard returned to Florida and strove to be as useful to his State under the new order of things as he had been when, as her valiant defender in the days of war, he braved the hardships and dangers of that fearful struggle which had so sorely tried the patience and endurance of the stoutest hearts. Up to the time of his death he enjoyed the love and esteem of his countrymen, and his memory is cherished by the people of Florida.
Confederate Military History
Side Confederate
State Florida
Born August 26, 1835
Tuskegee, Alabama
Died June 20, 1882
Tallahassee, Florida
Buried Saint Johns Episcopal Church Cemetery
Tallahassee, Florida

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