Mintlayer Launches ML Token on Exchange: $100K Airdrop!

• Mintlayer announced that its native token, ML, will be listed on the crypto exchange later this month.
• to open ML token deposits on its platform starting March 21st and public trading of ML tokens starts on March 23rd.
• An airdrop value of $100,000 is available for those who list their ML tokens on’s startup platform.

Mintlayer Announces Listing of Token on Exchange

Mintlayer, a platform that seeks to improve Bitcoin’s DeFi interoperability, announced Thursday, March 9th, that its native token would be listed on the crypto exchange later this month. According to the company’s blog post, the ML token will go live on starting on March 21st with public trading beginning the following day at 12:00 PM CET. Offers Incentives for Investors also tweeted regarding this latest cryptocurrency news revealing it would offer an airdrop value of $100,000 for listing the ML token on its platform via its Startup platform which will launch one day prior to public trading of ML tokens beginning March 22nd and concluding at 9 AM CET the following day (March 23rd).

ML Token Deposits Available Ahead Of Trading Launch

Starting from March 21st investors can deposit their ML tokens ahead of public trading commencing at 12:00 PM CET March 23rd with an initial unlocked token supply of 15,820,000 ML available for purchase and remaining tokens subject to vesting schedules of different lengths according to Mintlayer’s blog post announcement regarding launching ML token onto Gate.nIo’s exchange as part of exciting cryptocurrency news this week!

Gate Proves To Be A Convenient And Efficient Platform For Traders

Gate provides a fantastic platform for traders looking to conveniently trade their tokens efficiently as seen through Mintlayer’s choice in selecting it as part of their latest cryptocurrency news development in launching their native token onto a reputable cryptoexchange such as Gate!


The official launch date for Mintlayer’s native token being listed onto the GATE cryptoexchange was recently announced by both companies via social media platforms and respective blogs with incentives towards potential investors alongside convenient features and efficiency provided by GATE when it comes down to trading securely!